Belfast Digital Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Business

As we progress through 2020, digital marketing is as important as ever for business success online. So, here are 5 key digital marketing tips from Belfast Digital Marketing Agency for your business:

1. Post content to social media on a regular basis.

Sticking to a regular posting schedule is one of the best ways to grow your business’s visibility and following on key social media platforms. You can create posts ahead of time and schedule them to go live at strategic times. Try experimenting with different posting schedules to see which ones bring the best results. It’s also important to ensure all content posted is high-quality, relevant, engaging and accurate.

2. Create a YouTube channel for your business.

Video content is going to continue to be all the rage as populations gain access to faster and faster internet connection speeds. Creating a YouTube channel is completely free and you can use the channel to direct traffic to your website. If you are not very good at producing video content, you can outsource the content to a video production agency.

3. Make sure that social media profiles have consistent branding.

To make your business look like a professional entity, you need to ensure that all of your business’s social media profiles maintain consistent branding. In addition to graphics, logos and banners, you also need to ensure that all posts uploaded to different social media platform maintain the same tone – your company voice. Inconsistent branding across different social media profiles will make your business look less credible and could deter potential customers.

4. Remain focused on SEO.

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that social media marketing negates the need for any search engine marketing. However, the truth is that Google is still a major source of traffic for business websites in all fields. Remember to keep your SEO knowledge up-to-date as ranking algorithms are constantly evolving. Alternatively, you could hire the services of a professional SEO agency to take care of all your business on-page and off-page SEO.

5. Leverage influencer marketing.

Depending on your industry, influencer marketing can be a very powerful way to generate lots of new customers as well as repeat sales. You simply partner up with influential online personalities in your niche and get them to promote your business’s products and services. For example, if your business sells skincare products, you could partner up with some of the most popular beauty vloggers and bloggers online. You will be surprised at how effective influencer marketing can be.